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Product line

We offer a broad range of modular pumps and systems for a variety of applications. DeSelco facilitates the conveying and dosage of critical media.

Competitive service ranges, sizes, types and drive versions enable individual solutions for mostly every technical challange. Besides, our design centre offers the development of special solutions for built-in pumps/OEM,  that can be installed in  customer's mass production.


The flow extends from few ml/min to 150 m3/h, depending on the pump size. The conveying pressure ranges up to 300 bar, depending on the type and dimensioning of the drive capacity. The hydraulic conveyance quality is excellent due to:

  • Able to run dry and self-priming
  • Particularly suitable for abrasive media with high solids content
  • For aggressive, corrosive and media that are sensitive to shearing
  • Free from leakage and low pulsation
  • Suitable for SIP and CIP
  • Suitable for high-viscosity media


Because of the simple, but universal conveying principle operation in the most various applications is possible. The modular construction can be adapted to the particular need without high costs. Thus DeSelco pumps are suitable for the industry, laboratory, food, pharmaceutical/biological technology, chemistry, environmental/power engineering and more.

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