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Pumps and systems

DeSelco is manufacturer of modern fluid-handling system with orbital mechanism.

We are specialized in our orbital positiv displacement technology and offer a broad range of options which can compete with a variety of displacement principles.

Our pump system offers solutions for mostly every technical challange. The conveying and dosage of corrosive, sensitive, hot, abrasive or high viscosity media is our special field of performance.


The company offers both local license-holders and qualified service partners on-site. Based on experience start-up support and ”after sales service” are essential advantages for our customers.

Fair Fachpack 2010

- Nuremberg, 28.-30. Sept. -

Fair O&S 2010

- Stuttgart, 8.-10. June -

Productronica 2009

- Munich, 10-13 Nov. -

World leading Fair 
Electronic production


Frankfurt, 11.-15. May 09

International Fair Chemical Industry 

Hannover Messe '09

International High-Tech Fair
20. to 24. April 09

- Hermes Award '09 (qual.)


- Nuremberg, 30.09 - 02.10 -

International Fair for Life Science Process Technology
Pharma – Food – Cosmetics

Exhibitor on the IFAT

15. International Fair for Water-Slurry-Waste-Recycling.

Most successful Fair in Hannover!

Many thanks for the visit and enquiries; from 21-25 April 2008.

Winner at the Hannover Messe

Awarded the "Industriepreis 2008"