Working where others are on holiday…

A good reason for moving to Großwallstadt is the regional structure at the Bavarian Lower Main. Centered in the Rhine-Main-area the region is the neighbor of federal states like Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate with their particular offerings. Culinary highlights like “Äppelwoi” and “Blauer Zipfel” can be discovered deep down into the Spessart forest. Many landmarks and the typical wine are well-known beyond the region´s border, too. Besides the economic importance for many branches of trade you can find a broad variety of cultural activities. From Würzburg  via Wertheim to Heidelberg and from Frankfurt via Mainz to Aschaffenburg there are plenty of landmarks and events  within reach. Several top level sports clubs show the sportive facet of the region. The TV-Großwallstadt has been playing excellent handball in the first league for decades and the AC Bavaria Godlbach is one of the most successful wrestling-clubs in Europe.

More than one universities with their achievement in research, development and science contribute to the region as a technological centre. We would like to invite you to discover the Bavarian Lower Main via the internet!

(Excerpt from the news release of November 5, 2007)